lunes, mayo 10, 2010

To James Joyce

there’s a boy boy
(oh boy)
he cried alone
poor boy oh boy
he found a song among a clown
and now you know
oh boy oh boy
he is not just one
no boy alone
he is now a song
your ding your dong

for a future future
among all the presents perfect
your din ding dong

my lonely boy
his yellow song
oh boy! oh lord!
so alone he wrote his own
and now you know
his past was not
not perfect at all;
he cried alone
and now you know
he is now a SONG
your ding your dong

“who is
the king in Hamlet?”
Now I quit, your time to move.

he is now a haiku
(& I’m smiling)
that smells like…
hummm pasto recién cortado
Thanks Sylvia Plath!

FOTO: James Augustine Aloysius Joyce en 1918, by Wikipedia page

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